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Boiler Service

It is of great importance that you get your boiler serviced regularly in order to reduce the risk of hazards and liabilities within your home. Faulty and poorly maintained heating systems may prove to cause poisonous or maybe even fatal consequences to the household. Our team of dedicated installers are happy to carry out these regular checks for you and thereafter give recommendations for improvements.

When you get a boiler service from us you will receive the following:

A Gas Pressure Check

Ensure that the that the boiler is operating at the correct Gas Pressure and that you are getting the best out of your heating system

Boiler Inspection

To check you boiler components are fully functional and are operating to their best. This includes checks within the boiler on the following components:

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Burners

  • Combustion fan

  • Seals (Gas and Water)

  • Ignition systems

Flue Test

To make certain that there are no harmful emissions from your boiler going through the flue/terminals

Visual Inspection

The inspectors will visually check all the Pipe Work, controls and radiators to check for any noticeable deficiencies in your system.

Checklist of Information

After the inspection has been completed you will receive a list of recommendations that will inform and suggest ways in which you could get better efficiency from your heating system.

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